The Keasling Lab is always looking for highly motivated undergraduate students interested in conducting research in the fields of metabolic engineering, synthetic biology, and systems biology. If you are interested in conducting research in the Keasling Lab please fill out the survey here. Once completed potential mentors in the Keasling Lab will contact you if there is space available. If you have any questions regarding undergraduate research in the Keasling Lab please contact Please note that currently we can only accept full-time undergraduates at UC Berkeley willing to take course credit for research experience. We cannot accept volunteers at this time. Summer applicants with fellowships should contact us directly via email.



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Dr. Robert (Bobbo) Haushalter leads a large team of undergraduate researchers who engineer the production of novel fatty acid biofuels!


Undergraduate researcher Arjan Singh (taking time here to show off his work to Jay) currently works on developing better polyketide synthases for the production of next generation biofuels with Dr. Jesus Barajas.