Joint Graduate Group in Bioengineering UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, August 2012 – present

B.S. Cellular Molecular and Developmental Biology, University of Washington, December 2010


Phone 510-495-2620
Office 4550
Bench 51
Address JBEI, 5885 Hollis Street, 4th Floor Emeryville, CA 94608

Current Research

As the world population grows and the standard of living increases we need sustainable, scalable and environmentally friendly ways to produce the everyday materials we often take for granted. To address this problem I am interested in engineering microbes to make useful chemicals from sugars, particularly through the mevalonate pathway and type I polyketide synthase engineering. I also have additional interests in synthetic biology and industrial microbe engineering.


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  • Wu SJ, Eiben CB, Carra JH, Huang I, Zong D, Liu P, Wu CT, Nivala J, Dunbar J, Huber T, Senft J, Schokman R, Smith MD, Mills JH, Friedlander AM, Baker D, Siegel JB. “Improvement of a potential anthrax therapeutic by computational protein design” Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2011 Sep 16;286, 32586-32592.
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* Authors contributed equally



2014 NDSEG (declined in favor of NSF-GRFP)

2010 iGEM Best Health or Medicine Project